Return of the Reluctant Entrepreneur

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Back in August 2012, I wrote about how much I believed that our working lives are now influenced by the internet and my unshaken belief that the foremost way to earn a living now has to be related to the internet, particularly if you have already been thrown on the employment ‘scrap heap’ as I have.
You may also recall that I spoke of being a ‘reluctant’ entrepreneur.
Here I am back, some 18 months later, still with my beliefs about the working world and still the ‘reluctant’ entrepreneur.
So I need to answer a few questions:
If I am so convinced about the role of the internet, why have I not been active for 18 months? I could reel off lots of excuses (and indeed I already have!), but in reality, I have not been focused (common problem), I have probably been too comfortable (I have managed to earn a living doing other things) and I have found it difficult (something I propose to blog about separately).
Why then am I still persisting? Because I still believe that to not be involved in working online in some shape or form is career madness, I still believe I can do it, I have got the support and encouragement of a business colleague and the wonderful John Thornhill has updated his coaching programme ‘Partnership to Success’ with ever more support and encouragement.
Still reluctant? Yes, because I am way out of my comfort zone and I still find certain elements difficult.
Will I succeed this time? Yes! I have a new focus, more encouragement and more reasons to make it work, so keep looking in and hopefully I can help and encourage you along the way!

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