Information Overload or 21st Century living?

In one of my earlier posts, I admitted to having bought John Thornhill’s Masterclass course and then doing nothing with it. I have several times reflected on why anyone would do that and although nobody can give a definitive answer – there can be so many reasons, but one thing I can relate to is…

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Making an On-line Living

Can I make Money Online? That has to be one of the most common questions that everybody wants the answer to when they first realise the potential of the internet. There are dozens if not hundreds of ways of making money online, but equally there are hundreds or dozens of ways of making money offline!…

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Welcome – Again!

For anybody who may have come across my blog before, you will know that I started it in March 2011 and then disappeared! I am afraid that I could give lots of excuses, but the reality is I was not focused, too many shiny things and life just got in the way (my fault I know!). Well…

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