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It is almost a year since I made my last blog post and I look back thinking “why haven’t I done more?”, “what excuses have I got this time?” and more importantly, “what can I do to get back on track with my career in internet marketing?”.

Over the past 2 weeks I have been doing a lot of thinking about this and I happened to come across a blog post by Yaro Starak where he talks about how he reached his ‘big goal’ (do-you-really-believe-you-will-reach-your-big-goal) and wherein he talks about some of the problems that he encountered in setting up his business. The one quote that really made me think was that “One of the most difficult ideas I have ever tried to grasp is the concept of having belief when there is no physical demonstration to back up your belief.”.

That really is a hard concept to come to terms with, particularly when you have not made any money so far on the internet. How do we keep going when there is nothing tangible to show for it? It is often quoted that 95% of potential internet marketers never make a cent on line. You will often read that people are lazy, can’t be bothered or ‘want everything done for them’ and I have often looked in the mirror and thought “is that me?”. Well maybe, but then I came across a post in a forum that I am a part of where somebody asked the question: “are you afraid to launch your first product because you feel you aren’t good enough or the product is not good enough?” and that motivated a lot of people into responding. Answers included “Yes that’s my fear and also I digress and start doing other things”, “I am embarrassed to admit how much I have invested over the past 3 years in my education but I still doubt myself. I feel like I have so much information packed in my mind but so little to show for it.” and “Fear is the ONE thing that keeps people a prisoner in their own lives… hanging onto jobs they hate and staying in that rut(comfort zone)…”.

There really is no quick answer and it may be a bit crass for me to say this (and I am one of the worst for holding back), but there is very little option but to ‘just do it’ or ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. It is ultimately though that inner belief that matters, belief that you are moving forward, that what you are doing is right and that you will reach your goal in the end!

So, remember the Nike slogan ‘JUST DO IT’ and read Yaro’s article to try and build that inner belief.

Good luck!


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  • Roman

    October 24, 2013

    Hi John,

    I’m trying to keep the pace with P2S so I’ll add to your post: Don’t give up !

    Best wishes,


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