From Freelancer to Entrepreneur

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Today I read a really great book, ‘From Freelancer to Entrepreneur’ by Rob Cubbon (available on Amazon). It tells of Rob’s early forays into Internet Marketing and some of his setbacks. The really great thing is that you can sense his frustrations (something that we all get and struggle with) and how he kept going. It was a very easy book to read and was not one of these “I made a fortune and you can too” books. One bit of advice that I really took on board was “I think it would be a mistake for someone just starting blogging to immediately blog about blogging”. I think that is something that we all need to think about when starting out in Internet Marketing. As Rob says “Your own personal brand is all about the authority you have and you can’t have authority without experience. Honesty is the most potent weapon in the blogger’s arsenal.” With the benefit of my guide and mentor John Thornhill, I know that I can gain that experience and help others along the way. Another bit of truly great advice from Rob “So with your first product, it’s best just to get the damn thing out of the door as soon as possible. And after that, the same goes with every type of product you attempt to create. Get your first Kindle book written and out of the door as soon as possible. Get your first video course completed and out of the door as soon as possible. Why? Because in all of these cases you can update, reiterate, and improve on the products after launch. Delaying the launch date is bad for morale and causes you to resent working on the product rather than enjoying it. If you enjoy the work you do on products, the customers will feel this instinctively. Their whole experience of your brand will be much better.”

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  • James Hughes

    March 29, 2016

    Thanks for sharing the book with us. Very inspiring and encouraging. I had some setbacks too, but moving on and learning from mistakes are the key to standing up again and become successful. Thanks John!

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