Diamond Jubilee

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Here in the UK we are in the middle of celebrating our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. This has got me thinking about lots of thing, including how the world has changed in the 60 years since she came to the throne. It is also quite revealing when you read some of the articles about her and commentaries, about how different things were economically for our country and the Commonwealth then. From being a very strong world power, we have become less important on the world stage, but we can still put on a good show! Reading about how things have changed, reminded me of  the video that was doing the rounds a couple of year’s ago “Shift Happens” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SBwT_09boxE). Every time I watch it, I never fail to be moved as to the speed of change in the world, but also as to how the world of work has changed. My favourite parts of the presentation are:

1. The top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 didn’t exist in 2004.
2. We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist . . .
3. Using technologies that haven’t been invented . . .
4. In order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.

How scary is that!

The great thing for anybody reading this is that they have embraced modern technology and they are on that path. The sad thing is that there are still so many people in the world who do not have access to modern technology and indeed who are starving and suffering. We can only hope that the progress that we all make will help those along the way.

Enjoy the holiday and take time to remember how lucky we are (us in the UK in having a Queen on the throne for 60 years) and to embrace the opportunities that we have!

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