Diamond Jubilee (Part 2)

  • SumoMe

As we continue with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the UK, last night I watched the concert from Buckingham Palace which was truly amazing. One of the most spectacular things was the photo imaging on to the front of the Palace, particularly when Madness were doing there stint from the roof of the Palace.

It did strike me that around 20 years ago, I had a basic understanding of most things and being a ‘petrol head’ I had no qualms at all about tackling anything on a car, from basic service through to dismantling and rebuilding the engine and gearbox. Today, I wouldn’t know where to start and watching my garage, I don’t think he knows without his computer/code detector!

Back to Buckingham Palace, just how do they project images onto the front of the Palace which almost perfectly mask the Palace and also show moving images? How do they get the image to be so clear, when if I project an image, the bigger it is, the more blurred it is and how far away do you have to be to project the image?

My point is that a lot of what we can do today, defies the time held principles of logic and science in a way that 20 years ago we could not have dreamed of. When I was younger, it was often said that “the camera never lies”. That belief followed a basic principle that you could not alter an image and indeed then, very few people concerned themselves with or even knew what ‘pixels’ were.

As one of an older generation, it has been hard to accept the pace of change that many younger people take for granted, but conversely it does mean that some people are getting left further and further behind and maybe that is something we should remember as we embrace the new technologies that are open to us!

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