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My last post, back in August was about motivation and how have I fared since then? Well, not very well in truth. There have been a number of posts recently, in forums I use, about laziness and inaction and quite honestly I cringe each time I read them as I feel they are directed straight at me! Am I lazy? Well, I have managed to hold down some very responsible jobs and raise 2 daughters. I have managed to get a Master’s Degree whilst holding down a job and still I question why I can’t get to grips with Internet Marketing. Maybe it is the leap into the unknown, maybe it is ‘information overload’. or maybe I am looking for excuses! Yesterday I came across an interview with the legendary Frank Kern and his view was that there are only 2 secrets to becoming an on-line internet success. For those who have seen Frank’s views, they are always forthright and use ‘colourful’ language to say the least, but his 2 secrets are: 1 Stop messing around – Ignore Social media and the next great thing or report and 2 Stop being scared – he gave a great analogy of a person who wants to become a champion boxer – would he expect to become a champion without getting hit at some point? Clearly not, but we are afraid to go out and make mistakes or make ourselves look foolish on-line. Here is the link for the interview: Frank Kern’s secrets.

If you want to see the full interview with Frank Kern then go here: Frank Kern interview

Another article that I read listed 5 elements for success Time, Determination, Imagination, Curiosity and Patience. Of those, Determination and Patience are probably the hardest to grasp, but that is the only way to achieve success!

So, once again remember the Nike slogan ‘JUST DO IT’.

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