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I am from a town called Sheffield (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheffield) which is the 5th largest city in the United Kingdom (population 512,000) and is situated in the North of England. Once famous for steel and coal, it is now probably better known for sport and ‘Meadowhall’, our out of town shopping centre, which was once the largest in Europe.

I was born in Sheffield in 1951 and have lived here all my life.

I became interested in internet marketing about 4 years ago. The first name I recall coming across was Mike Filsaime, who I am sure you will have heard of. It took me a long time to work out what internet marketing was about, and even now there are many mysteries! My next contact was Kyle and Carson who have a web site called Wealthy Affiliate University. This led me further into understanding a little about affiliate marketing, but it was still clouded in mystery and terms such as Pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimisation and niche research and marketing.

As I was working full-time, I never really took the time to fully understand or commit myself and drifted along, trying to generally understand the principles of internet marketing and how it was possible to make a full-time income from it.

I then came across Mark Anastasi, who was making money from article marketing and this seemed to make some sense although, as a born sceptic, I had trouble figuring out why people would buy this information! I also came across a guy called Simon Coulson who was from the UK and making a very handsome living from article marketing.

I further remember reading about how some people were making money from blogging and this one has still got me wondering! Perhaps my favourite blogger is Yaro Starak who originates from Australia and has written several e-books on ‘blogging for profit’.

By the latter part of 2009, I had subscribed to lots of e-mail newsletters and collected lots of free e-books, each promising to be the holy grail of marketing. I then came across John Thornhill who I initially wasn’t too sure about as I thought that his ‘niche’ was EBay and as I didn’t have any physical products to sell, that wasn’t an area that greatly interested me.

I did eventually realise however that John is not only an extremely knowledgeable guy, but also one of the nicest and straightest people I have come across and as a fellow Brit, I could feel some affinity and believe that you don’t have to live in the USA to be a successful marketer. Not only that, but one of John’s most successful students is Omar Martin, who is from the USA.

So I start my journey into Internet Marketing in February 2012 with some trepidation, but with the genuine knowledge and belief that if I can do what John tells me, then I too can become a successful Internet Marketer.

I wish you also success!

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  • George Kerr

    March 23, 2015

    I can identify with your reluctance. I believe we have our own zones and it takes an awful lots to move us from that comfort zone, I wish for you much success. Thank you for sharing!

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